This module is used by F&I to create deals. This application handles up to 5 employee commission types per deal and organizes the process in 5 stages. The reports in this module give the management the tools needed to reduce the policing on employees. It also funnels deals through the process until the deal is funded.


  • Leasing and BHPH deals
  • F&I lock out capability based on time to prepare deal jackets
  • Sales Reports
  • Profit forecast reports
  • Reynolds and Reynolds forms
  • Recorded history and time stamp of any data change in the deal
  • Integration with T21 (Tag Agency)
  • Integration with DealerTrack
  • CIT report independent of accounting schedules


  • Ability to load a deal on mobile app in less than 30 seconds
  • Ability to see multiple Rooftop deals in on screen
  • Reduces the Time to Fund by specific F&I reports and automated features
  • DealerTrack user interface is placed within the Deals module
  • Uses Plain Paper forms and Installment Contracts
  • Ability to Track Contracts in Transit