Our Story

It all started with a spreadsheet …

As market shifts and demand continues to change, business operators need to improve their processes to remain competitive. We realized that the Automotive industry was lacking solutions and operating tools.  With no up to date solutions available at the time, we started creating our own database to manage our business efficiently. We focused our entire organization to streamline our processes in order to have the same information available throughout the entire company.  The need for a comprehensive application that was innovative was driving our development efforts. 

With over 20 years of experience in the Automotive industry at the time, we handcrafted our solution, tested in-house and finally shared it with other independent car dealership operators. The result is a masterpiece that provides the best in-market solution.  

Our biggest mission when AutomatriX was created in 2010,  was to put the control of your business in your hands with insights from any of your electronic devices anywhere, anytime. And that is still our biggest mission today!!